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NOMO - A leading UK Vegan and Free From chocolate brand

NOMO - A leading UK Vegan and Free From chocolate brand

NOMO are a leading Vegan & free from chocolate producer that are perfect for V.Day
We stock their mouthwatering liquid NOMO Caramel Choc Drops.

Gooey vegan caramel coated in dreamy and creamy milk style chocolate. This one is a game changer!

Like all Nomo products, the Caramel Choc Drops are completely free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts and 100% vegan so everyone can savour them. This gift box is sure to make someone a wonderful Valentine's Day gift!

Who are NOMO?...

NOMO are the UK’s no. 1 Vegan & Free From Chocolate brand created by Kinnerton Confectionery. Their mission is to create products that all chocolate lovers can enjoy! Whether you’re vegan, have a food allergy or you just want to make small changes to help the environment, NOMO is the no. 1 choice when it comes to chocolatey deliciousness.

In fact, it’s so good that their NOMO caramel bar was voted 2020’s Best Vegan Chocolate by Vegan Food UK and 25,000 vegan consumers!

Awards you say? What have they won?

Rockin the free world since 99'

The food allergen community will know NOMO for their longstanding commitment to free from chocolate. Kinnerton was one of the first businesses in the UK to invest in a dedicated nut free chocolate factory back in 1999. 

Well known in the UK, their products are available at all major supermarkets, proving they are a strong, reliable seller!

It's your chance to be part of the movement in Australia.

Why are NOMO Caramel Drops a great choice?

  • Melt in your mouth liquid caramel
  • Bright yellow packaging can be seen on the shelves
  • They are committed to free from chocolate
  • Award winning 
  • Reputable brand that is all the major UK stores