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A little about our award winning organic vegan Booja Booja confectionery

A little about our award winning organic vegan Booja Booja confectionery

We often ask the question, how much do our customer know about our brands and what messages are they able to pass onto their customer to help increase interest and turnover more sales for themselves?

Do they know they are multi award winners? Do they know they were pioneers in their field and have been established for 21 years?

These questions couldn't be more true when discussing Booja Booja. Therefore we thought we'd provide a little more information and a downloadable image library to help you promote the products you sell.

Booja Booja produce a multi award winning selection of organic dairy free chocolate truffles.

Who are Booja Booja?...

Booja Booja have been making delicious vegan and organic treats, in Norfolk UK, since 1999. As one of the earliest vegan confectionery producers they have been pioneers in the world of vegan confectionery.

We have been stocking their organic vegan truffles for a number of years and they have been a huge success for our customer base.

What makes them special?

Their idea is a simple one: amazingly delicious sweet treats made from a small number of simple organic ingredients without using animal products.

Since the brands inception some 21 years ago they're innovation has created a multi award winning product line that is highly regarded in the vegan space.

They're first award came as early as 1999. To the right - Founder Colin celebrates winning the award for 'The Nations Favourite' Organic brand.

Quality assurance is key

Founder Colin is pictures visiting Booja Borja's chocolate growing partners high in the Andes of Ecuador. Quality ingredients are key and Booja Booja ensure that they track the process from start to finish. 

Why are Booja Booja a great choice?

  • Pioneers in the vegan confectionery space
  • 20+ year established business
  • Striking, beautiful and professional packaging
  • Award winning 
  • Organic
  • Family owned business

Why are they a great choice for Valentine's Day?


Let's be honest, we're not going to pick an ugly looking box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. We need products that are going to impress, draw attention to themselves and give the WOW factor. You want your Valentine to feel like they have been gifted something special so that they themselves feel special.


If they pass the presentation test and are therefore destined to be picked up off the shelves then next up they must deliver on taste. 

Booja Booja offer an irresistible array of flavours, each with its own abundant character that invites you to sit down, relax, and enjoy, or to share and enjoy with family and friends.

Being organic means Booja Booja don't compromise when it comes to using quality ingredients so you can rest assured you are sampling the best in quality gourmet confectionery.