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Bramble & Hedge

Founded and produced in Melbourne, Bramble & Hedge uses flavours of the garden to create modern, luxury pieces of edible art including Nougat, Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Honeycomb and more. Bramble & Hedge stands today as one of Australia's leading confectionery brands.

The Bramble & Hedge Nougat is their signature delicacy and has been a customer favourite since its inception at Nicerteas Gourmet Food. 


Product type
Bramble and Hedge Nougat Half Bar 75g
Bramble and Hedge Gift Box
Sold Out
Bramble and Hedge Peanut Brittle 200g
Bramble Hedge Chocolate Shards 200g
Sold Out
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Bramble and Hedge Nougattinies 200g
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Bramble & Hedge Vegan Nougat Bar 150g
Bramble & Hedge Alcohol Nougat Bar 150g