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Daintree Estates

Daintree Estates Chocolate is here to awaken your senses with the most delicious chocolate in Australia. Made from home grown cocoa, Daintree Estates were the first company to succeed in commercial cocoa production in Australia making Daintree Estates experts in Australian chocolate!

Daintree Estates are one of an elite handful of companies in the world who cover the entire supply chain. From seedling nursery, cocoa plantations to post-harvest pod processing through to chocolate production, marketing and selling.

So if you're looking to answer the question, where is Australia cocoa grown? look no further than Daintree Estates!


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Daintree Estates Wine Bar 80g Caernet Sauvignon
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Daintree Estates Wine Bar 40g Cabernet Sauvignon
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Daintree Estates Moulded Block 12 x 80g Salted Caramel
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