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Cuvée Chocolate and their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices

Cuvée Chocolate and their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices

The chocolate industry has come under scrutiny in recent years for its impact on the environment and ethical concerns surrounding the treatment of workers and cocoa farmers. Sustainability and ethics have become increasingly important to consumers, who are demanding more transparency and responsibility from companies.

Cuvée Chocolate, one of our leading premium chocolate brands, is one of the many companies in the industry striving to prioritize sustainability and ethics in their production processes. As the demand for chocolate continues to grow, it is crucial that the industry adopts more sustainable and ethical practices in order to secure its future and address the challenges it faces.

In this article will are going to share an article provided by Cuvée Chocolate about the role they choose to play in this conversation and their efforts to create a better future for the industry

Creating an ethical and sustainable ecosystem

We believe in forming strong bonds and partnerships with all our suppliers – both local as well as overseas to ensure we can meet the quality expectations of our customers with every chocolate bar we make!

As a chocolate maker we also believe we have a social responsibility to ensure that everyone of our partners can make a decent and worry free living without having to rely on charity or handouts, but simply by getting a fair pay for their hard work.

For this reason, we ensure that all our ingredients are grown sustainably, sourced and paid for fairly and are 100% traceable to the farm they are grown on – whether it is Milk from South Gippsland, Cocoa Beans from Tanzania, Peru or other far corners of the world, or Hazelnuts grown and processed in Australia. 

Take a moment to be introduced to some of our partners that help us achieve this goal.


Kokoa Kamili are based in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania and were founded by Brian and Simran. Their focus and passion is to produce the best quality cocoa beans while ensuring farmers are paid a fair price for their work.

Smallholder farmers now have the opportunity to increase their incomes and improve their living standards, and we as chocolate makers have access to Tanzanian cocoa beans that now count amongst some of the best cocoa produced in the world, which in turn enables us to make chocolate that is truly outstanding, such as our Grand Cru – made from 100% Koko Kamili cocoa beans.



Like us, Silva started from the belief that the cocoa and chocolate industry could do better! Rather than the regular business of buying and selling commodity cocoa, they are employing a holistic approach, creating value along the chain by connecting cocoa farmers with chocolate makers all over the globe.

Driven by their passion for quality cocoa, they believe in operating authentically, building meaningful partnerships and positively impacting flavour, forests, farmers as well as the future of the industry and our environment. The team at Silva strives to inspire farmers to grow, process and promote premium, honest and carbon positive cocoa.



Bareseed was founded by Monique Henry who fell in love with the beautiful, fine flavour cocoa varieties of Peru whilst living and working there. Monique wanted to make them available to people who are passionate about cocoa and making craft chocolate in Australia. Bareseed opens many doors and creates links between small hold farmers and chocolate makers that would not have been able to connect and engage in business otherwise.

Monique works harmoniously with farmers, communities and ecosystems, to sustainably bring you closer to the traditions and fine flavours of Peru.