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Five years ago, after working in a natural wholefoods business, Tom Briscoe was ready to branch out and create his own products. The goal was to work with a Tasmanian-grown nut and keep the finished product as close to 100% Tasmanian as possible. 

Before launching Walnutter, Tom spent a couple of years experimenting with different flavours and learning about the qualities of different ingredients, the best ways to source these ingredients and the manufacturing requirements involved.

 Tom’s efforts were always centred around the key elements of creating something wholesome and nutritious using pure ingredients. It was Tom’s goal to “spread the goodness of Tasmania”.

 Tom settled on the idea of creating a walnut butter made from 100% Tasmanian grown premium walnuts. 

The Walnutter range now includes delicious handcrafted walnut butters and organic chocolate walnuts.


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