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Boutique Sauces

Boutique Sauces are a chef inspired, high quality gourmet range of finishing sauces for both savoury and sweet dishes. These tantalising 'boutique' sauces are made from premium ingredients to a variation of time honoured techniques learned in the great restaurants of Europe. Boutique Sauces make it easy for home cooks to create gourmet meals with restaurant-quality flavours!

Boutique Sauces was launched in 2014 by Regan and Daniel Facey with a goal to make it easy for everyone to create gourmet meals at home with restaurant-quality flavours!

Each jar of Boutique Sauces is totally natural with NO artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, NO GM ingredients and is also completely gluten-free.


Product type
Boutique Sauces Beef & Rib Sauce 270ml Jar
Boutique Sauces Red Wine Jus 270ml