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The Carob Kitchen

The Carob Kitchen are a popular Australia organic Carob brand and with good reason. Based in Port Elliot, South Australia, The Carob Kitchen are the producers of the famous 'The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bear', a much love treat! 

As passionate growers and pioneers of the carob industry, The Carob Kitchen's innovative farming techniques have changed the way carob is farmed world-wide. With the oldest organic carob orchard in Australia, The Carob Kitchen's hand nurtured trees produce a consistent supply of high quality carob.

With a taste very similar to chocolate, carob has a number of health benefits. It is the perfect healthy chocolate alternative for those who’ve been struggling to find a sweet treat that’s free from added sugar. Not only does carob contain double the amount of calcium compared to cocoa, it is gluten free, cholesterol free and preservative free. The Carob Kitchen's healthy organic carob treats are also naturally low in fat and sodium, high in fibre and an excellent source of antioxidants.


Product type
The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bear Dispenser Box
The Carob Kitchen Mini Egg Dispenser Box
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The Carob Kitchen Easter Banjo Egg 100g
The Carob Kitchen Confectionery Bar 80g Carob Almond
The Carob Kitchen Carob Syrup 100% Pure 250ml
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The Carob Kitchen Carob Powder 200g
The Carob Kitchen Carob Kibble Nibbles 200g
The Carob Kitchen Carob Almonds Coated Collection 6 x 100g pack
Banjo Bear Coconutt Multi Pack - 120g x 12
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Banjo Bear Mini Egg Pack 140g
The Carob Kitchen Carob Carob Sultanas Banjo Bites 45 x 20g
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