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Vego Chocolate

Vego Chocolate make the most delicious whole hazelnut Vego chocolate bars, Vego spreads (often considered the Vego Nutella), Vego Pralines and Vego Melts., As the name 'Vego' suggests their products are Vegan but also Organic, Fairly traded and Gluten-Free

The Vego Chocolate range is not only loved by Vegans but also non-Vegans as the hazelnut chocolate taste is hard to resist whether its in the form of a Vego chocolate bar or Vego spread! 

We are proud to be one of Vego Chocolates Australian Stockists.


Product type
Sold Out
Vego Organic Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g
Vego Organic Hazelnut Choc Spread 200g
Sold Out
Vego Melts 180g
Sold Out
Vegolino Organic hazelnut Chocolate Pralines 180g