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Gourmet food gifts for Florists

Gourmet food gifts for Florists

When you receive a lovely bunch of florist flowers there is nothing better than getting a delicious gourmet treat along with them. It makes the moment even that more special and certainly puts a smile on your face.

Therefore we’ve decided to put together our favourite gourmet gifts especially for florists. We’ve picked not only the most delicious, indulgent confectionery treats but also hand picked the products that have a beautiful aesthetic to accompany your flowers!

As a leading gourmet food wholesaler we are currently seeing an increase in the amount of florists going that extra mile to offer a better quality product by including an extra gourmet gift along with their flowers.

Bramble & Hedge Nougat 

Bramble & Hedge Nougat is as gourmet as it gets! Created by artisans this nougat is crafted in Melbourne and loved across Australia. It’s been a great success for us in retail stores, gift shops, hamper companies and of course, florists.

The beautiful product design makes this nougat perfect for florists due to its colourful appearance which is reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. With a variety of flavours and aesthetics, florists are able to select the perfect Bramble & Hedge nougat bar to go with their chosen floral design. 

Bramble & Hedge Gift Boxes

These gift boxes offer up the very best of the Bramble & Hedge, giving you a selection of different nougat, chocolate shards, honeycombnougattinnies or peanut brittle pieces to taste, try and enjoy! Not only is this confectionary delicious, it’s packaged perfectly to accompany a beautiful bouquet of flower!

Cuvee Chocolate for Wine Connoisseur

What could be better than chocolate designed to accompany a glass of wine when receiving flowers off your loved one? Since their inception Cuvee Chocolate have been leading the way when it comes to Chocolate crafted for Wine connoisseurs and with good reason! Maître Patissier, Chocolatier and Wine Connoisseur Deniz Karaca and his wife Kylie are the founders of Cuvee Chocolate making them well qualified from the get go!

On their mission to create perfect chocolate for wine, whether it be red or white wine Cuvee only source the worlds best single origin cocoa beans from across the globe to bring you small batch handcrafted chocolate tablets coming in the following wide variety of flavours; Bianco, Soleo, Blanc De Caramel, Amphora, Grand Cru and Noir.

We’re sure you’ll agree Cuvee chocolate is great for florists as its beautifully packaged making it the perfect gift with red roses, wine and lots of love!

Duchess Of Sweet Rocky Road 

Duchess of Sweet Rocky Road
Duchess Of Sweet Rock Road is the product of two Brisbane based women who are on a mission to do away with the flavourless jelly and lacklustre marshmallow rocky road we are all familiar with. As a result they have decided to create a delectable, sassy and totally instagramable treat perfect for florists! 

Duchess of Sweet is packaged perfectly to present as a gift with flowers!

Bramble & Hedge Honeycomb & Peanut Brittle 

Bramble & Hedge Peanut Brittle

If nougat isn’t your thing then Bramble & Hedge have the most tasty honeycomb and peanut brittle options for your florist. Made with the same love as their other products, the honeycomb and peanut brittle is hand crafted and speaks the same quality. 

Elly’s Gluten Free Salted Caramel Pop

If you’re looking for a gluten free confectionary alternative that doesn’t compromise in its indulgence then Ellys Gluten Free confectionary is the perfect addition to go with your flowers. Ellys are based in Hobart and specialize in handmade, all natural confectionary.

Their Salted Caramel Pop is delectably crisp, light and crunchy popped corn coated in ‘melt in your mouth’ sweet salted caramel!

The Salted Caramel Bang is a mouthwatering sweet salted caramel encasing crunchy air-light popcorn atop soft fluffy marshmallow with moorish peanuts and quality chocolate – a unique, amazing indulgence perfect for florists!

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