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Who do we supply? Hotels, Retail Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, even Yoga retreats!

Who do we supply? Hotels, Retail Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, even Yoga retreats!

Nicerteas Gourmet Food was established in 2010 and we have been growing ever since. Initially our customer base consisted of local Brisbane based retail shops however over the years it has expanded to cover a wide variety of different businesses, all of which have a customer base that appreciate the finest gourmet speciality foods.

Recently we have found that businesses such as hotels, spas and retreats have found themselves drawn to our wholesale products due to our wide range of specialist products that are gluten free, vegan and have that luxury taste and feel. Whether their customers are looking for healthy Mindful Foods Granola for breakfast, a luxury vegan Bramble & Hedge nougat bar or simply a delicious Cuvee chocolate tablet to be enjoyed with wine we are a one spot shop.

As a Brisbane gourmet food wholesaler we purchase the finest gourmet food products from suppliers across Australia and even across the water in Tasmania. We really believe that it is important to support home grown Australian producers and showcase what our country has to offer. Naturally this has been something which has translated to hotels such as The Westin Brisbane, retreats such as Spicers Retreats and numerous spa’s, who like us are looking to give their customers the Australian experience.

As well as the hospitality industry we have also found that we have been popular amongst events with customers such as the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga placing orders with us for their events. We have also been a top pick for weddings and other such occasions which is fantastic!

It has been great to see our business grow and touch base into new sectors of the industry however we wouldn’t be anywhere without our backbone of cafes, restaurants, retail and grocery stores which have supported us since day one and continue to do so!

Unlike 2010 we are now finding a majority of customers are finding us online and we have made a special effort this year  to showcase our product range on such online platforms as Instagram. Make sure you give us a follow online and stay up to date with our latest offerings and look out for upcoming competitions we will be running!

We can’t thank each and every customer over the last 10 years enough, you have helped our Brisbane Gourmet Food business grow into what it is today!

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