Bramble & Hedge Nougat 150g

Bramble & Hedge Nougat 150g


Bramble & Hedge Nougat.  Delicious Handmade Nougat. True Luxury Confectionary Items Made by Artisans.

This delightful Nougat made by Bramble & Hedge is the embodiment of handcrafted elegance. Made in Melbourne, Australia but shipped to the world, nothing quite beats Bramble & Hedge’s Nougat.

Bramble & Hedge’s Nougat comes in a wide variety of flavoured Nougat, Honeycombe, & Peanut Brittle & more.


Our Nougat stays the freshest when stored in cool dry places, away from direct sunlight. Our Nougat is best kept at 23°C or less.


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Bramble & Hedge Nougat.  Delicious Handmade Nougat. True Luxury Items Made by Artisans Including a wide variety of flavoured Nougat, Honeycombe, & Peanut Brittle & more.

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Wild Raspberry, Persian Barberry, Pomegranate Sour Cherry, Strawberry Elderflower, Apple Blackberry, Wild Fig Honey, Candied Pear Caramel, Spiced Plum Blackberry, Blueberry Lemon, Cranberry Raspberry, Sticky Date Caramel, Blackberry & Candied Violets, Apple Teacake White Chocolate, Apricot Sour Cherry White Chocolate, Raspberry Lemon with Dark Chocolate, Apple Candied Rose, Chai Wild Fig Raspberry, Sour Cherry Raspberry Coconut, Mango & Passionfruit, Apricot Cardamom Sugar, Raspberry, Caramelised White Choc, Italian Cedro


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