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Boutique Sauces Red Wine Jus 270ml (12)


Boutique Sauces Red Wine Jus has been slowly simmered to intensify the flavours of the red wine, beef stock, garlic & shallots which make this sauce so special.

The thick reduction is what blends the flavours to create a dark, rich and velvety Red Wine Jus. Often used sparingly, it is most often enjoyed at dinner parties and special occasions as well as being the perfect addition to gourmet hampers.

Boutique Sauces is one of Australia's most loved gourmet sauce brands and this is one of their most loved creations.

All Natural & Completely Gluten-Free with No Preservatives - 270mls (4 serves)

Allergen: Contains soy products Made in Australia from at least 93% Australian ingredients.