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Australian Bush Spice Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil
Bill's spiced pear chutney
Boutique Sauces Beef & Rib Sauce 270ml Jar
Boutique Sauces Red Wine Jus 270ml
Drunken Sailor Almond Dukkah 140g
Drunken Sailor Blood Orange Marmalade 290g
Drunken Sailor Cherry Cointreau Jam 290g Jar
Drunken Sailor Canning Co Dill & Bourbon Mustard 290g Jar
Drunken Sailor Canning Co Preserved Lemons 260g
Drunken Sailor Canning Co Beetroot & Gin Relish 290g Jar
Peninsula Larder Flavour Pearls 50g
For The Love of Cheeses Fruit Paste Tub 150g Blackberry, Apple & Rosemary
Hobart  Whisky BBQ Sauce 200ml
Hobart Whisky Chilli Jam 300ml
Hobart Whisky Preserved Apricots 360g
Island Berries Fig & Walnut Fruit Paste Tubs 100g
Island Berries Tasmania Mango & Passion Fruit Coulis 250ml
Island Berries Tasmania Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce 250ml
Island Berries Tasmania Apricot Jam 290g
Island Berries Tasmanian Pear & Pistachio Fruit Paste Jars 100g
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Lucy's Foods Fruit Paste 170g Apple & Peppercorn Paste
Master Mike's Molasses 100ml
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Nuova Cucina Oil/Vinegar
Partridge in a Pear Tree Pudding 1.4Kilo
Pomodoras  Caramelised Balsamic Dressing 500ml
Pomodoras Caramelised Balsamic Dressing 250ml
Pomodoras Sunshine Coast Gift Pack 5 x 100ml
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Salt Miners Preserved Lemons 285g
Tasman's Harvest Cherry Mostarda 270g
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