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We have a wide range of seasonal gourmet food products covering Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day.

Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day are a time of celebration and with that comes delicious food and treats! We hope you enjoy our products whether you're ordering online, receiving in a hamper or gifting with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 


Product type
Pudding on the Ritz Hazelnut Liqueur Balls 200g
So Free Advent Calendar Salted Caramel Chocolate 110g
Cuvee Easter Egg 140g Amphora
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Puddings on the Ritz Mince Tarts
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Puddings on The Ritz Fig & Walnut Pudding with Muscat Liquor 100g Pillow Pack
Puddings on The Ritz Gluten Free Pudding in Cloth/Hessian
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Puddings on The Ritz Choc Truffle Grand Marnier Dessert Pudding 100g
Partridge in a Pear Tree Pillow Pack 100g
Partridge in a Pear Tree Pudding 1.4Kilo
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Foods of Athenry Gluten Free Mince Pies 280g
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The Carob Kitchen Easter Banjo Egg 100g
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Bonvita Organic F'Trade Easter Half Eggs 100g
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Booja Booja 8 Truffle Pack Booja Booja Limited Edition Easter Selection Box 184g
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Puddings on the Ritz Cloth Wrapped Christmas Pudding
Pudding on the Ritz Champagne Christmas Pudding 500g Box
Connoisseur Christmas Pack 60g
Christmas Cake Partridge in a Pear Tree
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Bonvita Hand Made Chocolate Easter Bunny Block
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Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Pudding 500g
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Partridge In A Pear Tree Christmas Pudding Hexagonal Pack 200g