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Interview with Elly's Gourmet Confectionary

Interview with Elly's Gourmet Confectionary

We understand the challenges of running a small business. What inspired you to embark on this entrepreneurial journey or provided the impetus to launch your own venture?

I love a challenge, and creating a business from scratch certainly supplies that.  I had a background in Marketing/Advertising, working for News Ltd and Austereo, but also had success creating businesses in other industries over the years.  When my marriage ended, I wanted to start something new, and had always had a passion for food (I wrote a cookbook when I was 7!).  Tassie was enjoying a surge in tourism, so I wanted to create products that would appeal to both the local and tourist market.  On a trip to visit my sister in Vancouver I was inspired by some beautifully packaged gourmet marshmallows I saw in a bakery, and that got me thinking about confectionery.

I thought about sweets I liked, but had never really ‘hit the spot', and decided to try a new twist on Rocky Road.  So Elly's Salted Caramel Bang was created.  I used plenty of peanuts (I love chocolate/peanut combination) and marshmallows, and topped it with Salted Caramel popcorn, which took a lot of trial and error! My friends loved the popcorn so much, I decided to make that a product of its own.  The other products followed, and as I realised they were gluten free, I decided to dedicate Elly’s range to be wholly gluten free.

The Elly’s range is entirely Gluten Free which set you apart from other gourmet confectionery, what was the reasoning behind this decision and do you think it has played a part in your success?

Increasing awareness in the media and in our general community of gluten free diets emerged, as more people were diagnosed with intolerance to gluten, or coeliac disease.  I wanted as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Elly’s products, so it was an easy decision.

We all know Tasmania has a great reputation when it comes to quality fine food. What makes Tasmania such a hot bed of gourmet artisan producers?

Tasmania does produce some amazing gourmet artisan products, and I believe one reason for this is that ’Taswegians” tend to live in a bubble.  We are a small population and that gives creative individuals the confidence to try new things.  Our local gourmet grocers are very supportive of Tasmanian brands, which is a huge leg up for getting new products to market.  If the products are good they survive, if not, they don’t, but they will give you the opportunity to try. 

Which products out of the Elly’s Gourmet Food range do you think are best suited as a gift or as part of a hamper?

Elly’s Combo Gift Box is a great product to include in a hamper as it has both a SC Bang and SC Pop in an attractive window box.  Elly’s Devilicous Fudges present beautifully., and of course our number one best seller, Salted Caramel POP, is also a favourite. Smokey Maple POP seems to tick the box for Father’s Day or a slightly more savoury palette.