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Behind The Brand - Broken Nose Vanilla & Very Vanilla

Behind The Brand - Broken Nose Vanilla & Very Vanilla

The Broken Nose Vanilla brand consists of both Broken Nose Vanilla and Very Vanilla. They produce a variety of Vanilla pastes, beans and extracts.

Broken Nose Vanilla is a family-owned single source plantation growing Bourbon vanilla in tropical north-eastern Australia.

Who's behind the brand?

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Meet Fiona and Matt. Fiona’s background in horticulture and environmental management suits growing vanilla perfectly. Matt is a professor who has fallen in love with the land. Together, their vanilla enterprise has gone from strength to strength, gaining recognition across Australia.

In 2006, one week before cyclone Larry hit them square on the nose, Fiona and Matt purchased their five-hectare property in a lush valley one hour south of Cairns under Queensland’s highest peak, Mt Bartle Frere, and its offshoot, Broken Nose. This was to become Broken Nose Vanilla.

Amazing! They use biological farming practices?

Biological farming is a chemical free method of farming that focuses on improving the microbiology as a way of increasing plant growth and produce yield.

They pay particular attention to the soil by creating a mini ecosystem that cycles nutrients naturally, builds carbon and feeds the plants gradually, according to their seasonal need.

At Broken Nose Vanilla they nurture the environment to take care of their precious vanilla – no synthetic fertilisers, no pesticides, and plenty of care for the soil to feed the vanilla vines.

What do they produce?

  • Very Vanilla Extract is a pure Vanilla extract that is untainted by chemicals, preservatives or additives to create a unique and sensuous flavour. The meticulous slow extraction process develops the full range of our Very Vanilla flavour.
  • Very Vanilla Paste is a pure vanilla paste that captures the oils, flavour and seeds from the whole bean to create a premium quality taste. Ideal for sweet and savoury baking.
  • Broken Nose Vanilla Premium Grade Beans includes two types of premium vanilla beans in a beautiful gift bottle. Each bean is full of luxurious vanilla caviar that imparts the earthy flavours of the tropical Australian rainforest. They are flexible, oily and bursting with the nostalgic aroma of real Bourbon vanilla. 

Why have they been a strong seller?

We find the brands that sell the best, not only have great taste and product design but also have a story to tell, something that sets them apart from the rest.

We feel this is definitely the case with Broken Nose Vanilla & Very Vanilla! They're a real grass roots producer that are championing sustainable ways of farming, something we feel is extremely important for not only planetary health but human health also!

We find over the Christmas period Vanilla sales tend to increase as people whip up home made desserts, cookies, pastries and other baked goods.

But that's not the only thing Vanilla is great for! You can add the elegant gourmet feel to smoothies, cocktails, ice creams and many other dishes.