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The Golden Bone Bakery Fresh Breath & Strong Eyes Dog Treats 280g


Fresh Breath & Strong Eyes Dog Treats with Seaweed from The Golden Bone Bakery. Gourmet Treats to help with your dog's ocular health, these yummy treats contain nutritious Chlorella (Seaweed). These heart and flower-shaped treats are infused with the power of Chlorella are a nutrient-dense seaweed known for its positive impact on vision health. Chlorella contains lutein and zeaxanthin, minerals that support the eyes against degeneration and promote long-term eye wellness. A tasty combination of taste and benefit, our Strong Eyes treats also contribute to their overall well-being, ensuring they see the world clearly and vibrantly. Use treats for training, as enrichment toys or as a meal topper! Ingredients: Aussie Oats, Chlorella (Seaweed), Mint Size: 280g Nutritional Analysis: Protein 11.9%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Fat 9% Calorie Content: 1.89 kcals/biscuit