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Introducing Midas Luxury Gifts

Introducing Midas Luxury Gifts

A few weeks back we introduced you to our fabulous new range Midas Luxury Gifts!

They have been a success with all of you so far and their Midas 24K Gold Olive Oil, Midas Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Midas Chardonnay Vinegar is proving quite the hit in stores and as part of hampers.

We did keep one secret though! They also have an unbelievable Sea Salt we can't wait for you to taste!

Introducing Sea Salt Pinch Pots by
 Midas Luxury Gifts

What makes this salt so special?

Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea -  Pythagoras

Midas Sea Salt Flakes are harvested from the pristine Southern Ocean (off the famed Great Ocean Road), using traditional 19th-century methods.

Each crystal of salt is unique, like a snowflake - making Midas Sea Salt Flakes the perfect finish to any dish.

What are the selling points?

  • As with all Midas Luxury Gifts they are packaged beautifully bringing a touch of class to the table, kitchen and hamper. 
  • As far back as the 6th century Salt has been a valued commodity. It will forever be popular and people are always looking for a salt that's a little different.
  • Salt is a versatile product and can be used to flavour and preserve food

Be inspired!

Pinch and crumble, rub or sprinkle, whichever way you do it, this delicate Sea Salt flakes look and taste amazing.

The great allrounder: crumble onto roasted potatoes, lightly season grilled Wagyu or sprinkle over chocolate ganache.

The details...

110g of 100% natural Australian Sea Salt Flakes in a screen-printed ceramic pot with a cork lid.

More about Midas Luxury Gifts below.....

Who are Midas Luxury Gifts.....

Founded on the iconic Gold Coast in 2018, Midas Luxury Gifts is a celebration of Australia’s rich land bursting with diverse flavours and brilliant taste innovators.

The range includes: Midas 24K Gold Olive Oil, Midas Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Midas Chardonnay Vinegar and Midas Sea Salt Flakes Pinch Pot.

These luxurious kitchen staples were designed to elevate your dining experience and transform everyday meals at home into something exceptional.

What else can they offer you?

Midas 24K Gold Olive Oil 250ml

Midas 24K Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lovingly hand-bottled in Australia from locally sourced olives and infused with 24 Karat Gold flakes! It is a bold, exceptionally well-balanced finishing oil featuring the frantoio olive - a Tuscan varietal grown in the Grampians region of Victoria.

Each olive tree produces enough olives to make 4 bottles of Midas 24K Olive Oil. 24 Karat Gold flakes are gently mixed into the organic oil and hand-bottled in small batches.

Midas Aged Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

Midas Aged Balsamic Vinegar is lovingly hand-bottled in Australia from locally sourced Trebbiano grapes. This wonderfully adaptable and complex Balsamic is fermented in small oak barrels in Southern Queensland’s Granite Belt region using a modern Australian interpretation of the classic European method.

Aged using 40-year-old cultures, our two-stage all-natural fermentation process takes a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years to complete.

Midas Chardonnay Vinegar 250ml

Midas Chardonnay Vinegar is a slightly aged reduction of the well-loved Chardonnay wine and still retains the classic flavour notes of apples and stonefruit. In fact, the word vinegar derives from the French term “vin aigre” which translates to sour wine in English.

Carefully fermented and filtered in the Granite Belt region of Queensland before being hand-bottled, Midas Chardonnay Vinegar is an intense modern vinegar aged less than 1 year.


Why is Midas Luxury Gifts a great choice?

  • Classic kitchen staples with a gourmet touch
  • Wow factor and offer a talking point
  • Supporting Australian producers
  • Striking packaging and luxurious design
  • Versatility - great with leafy green salad or drizzled over shucked oysters, mozzarella  or fresh bread.