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Ashbolt Farm Elderberry Sparkling 750ml


Ashbolt Farm Sparkling 750ml beverages are available in Elderberry and Elderflower Medium Dry. A sophisticated alternative for alcohol and perfect for weddings, baby showers, work events, family gatherings, or any summer day. Elderberry Sparkling is a wonderfully refreshing clean, fresh, ruby-red sparkling gourmet non-alcoholic beverage. Not too sweet and not too dry, with subtle tones of mulberry, blackcurrant and pinot noir. Elderflower Sparkling is not too sweet and not too dry with delicate notes of lychees, florals and flinty Sauvignon Blanc. Ashbolt Sparkling contains no additives, artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. Ashbolt Farm are committed to sustainable, organic farming and use only pristine highland water from the Derwent River.