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The NEW Bramble & Hedge Alcohol Nougat Range

The NEW Bramble & Hedge Alcohol Nougat Range

Bramble & Hedge has partnered with two major luxury alcohol houses to create something very special.

Pairing their delicious nougat with famous alcohol brands such as; Remy Martin CognacThe Botanist Gin,  Cointreau OrangePort Charlotte Scottish Whisky and Griottines French Cherry Cognac, Bramble & Hedge have created something special and exclusive.

What's on offer?

1. Alcohol Nougat Bars

A favourite amoungst our customers, Bramble & Hedges nougat bars have been reimagined using exclusive premium liquor brands to create something special.

2. Alcohol Nougat Cakes

What could be more indulgent than Australia's best nougat cake made with your favourite alcoholic beverage! Bramble & Hedge have created something not only stunning but delicious!

Popular with hamper gift shops and florists these cakes are perfect for Birthdays, Christmas and special occasions!

3. Alcohol Nougat Café Range.

Taking the best of the Bramble & Hedge Alcohol Nougat bar range, the Café slabs offer smaller squared pieces, perfect to be served with coffee or tea!

With Bramble & Hedge's 'Flowers of the Garden' aesthetics these nougat pieces sit beautifully behind a counter and are certainly eye catching!