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The Tea Chest Daintree Chai 100g


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The Tea Chest Daintree Chai was the first tea to be produced by the small, family run business that now operates as one of Australia's best tea companies. Chai has been a huge part of Indian culture throughout its history, and today is enjoyed across all walks of life around the world. Aside from having a wonderful flavour, it has proven health benefits. Whilst drinking tea alone undoubtedly has its own rewards, most of the benefits in your favourite chai come from the spices used. The Teas Chest Chai boosts digestion, acts as an anti-inflammatory and as a source of nutrients to promote overall health. With all of the ingredients combined this beverage is not only delicious it is also healthy. To be enjoyed at a quiet moment, with loved ones or gifted in a gourmet hamper or with flowers. 100% Natural Ingredients Free of additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar Vegan Made in Australia