Cuvee Tablet 70g (40)

Cuvee Tablet 70g (40)


Cuvee Chocolate Tablet is a stoneground traditionally made chocolate that can be paired with the finest drops from the world’s most esteemed vineyards.

Break your chocolate into smaller bit sized pieces — a well-tempered good chocolate should have a clear “snap” when you break it. Inspect colour and shine, but be weary — good dark chocolate shouldn’t be black, it rather varies from a rusty red to a deep rich brown.

Slightly rub and smell it, now place the chocolate on your tongue and close your mouth, don’t chew straight away but let it melt in your mouth for a moment. It will help the chocolate to unfold its full flavour potential.

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Cuvee Chocolate Tablet is a stoneground traditionally made chocolate that can be paired with the finest drops from the world’s most esteemed vineyards.

Chocolatier and Wine Connoisseur Deniz Karaca and his wife Kylie founded Cuvee Chocolate from their kitchen base, right at the fringe of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. They specialize in making chocolate crafted for wine connoisseurs and believe when done right, it can be a sensory experience like no other. Whilst the Romans referred to wine as the “drink of the gods”, to the Aztecs cacao was no lesser. So, there should be little surprise the two work so well in harmony!

Deniz Karaca started his career at 16, as an apprentice at the esteemed Cron & Lanz patisserie in Göttingen, Germany. He was subsequently awarded a federal scholarship and graduated at age 22 with a Masters in Patisserie and Chocolate Artistry. He spent three years working at a number of restaurants throughout Germany, as well as a year on one of the world’s leading luxury cruise ships, before setting off for Australia.

Deniz has held positions at some of Melbourne’s finest pastry kitchens including Epicure and Crown Resorts & Casinos. His approach to chocolate and desserts has won him many awards, including the title of Savour’s Australian Patissier of the Year and the Australian Chocolate Master and Asia Pacific Chocolate Master. On the back of these regional accolades, he placed third in the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry and worldwide and the highest ranking ever achieved by an Australian until this day. With these awards under his belt, Deniz appeared as a guest chef on MasterChef Australia, setting one of the most complex caramel challenges to date.

With a thirst to transfer his culinary ideas to budding pastry chefs, Deniz travels across the globe to teach his skills. He lends his knowledge to students throughout Europe and Asia, from Singapore, Japan and India to his native Germany, as well as teaching at the notable Le Cordon Bleu in Australia.

Their passion for all things chocolate dictates that we only source the worlds best single origin cocoa beans from across the globe to bring you our small batch handcrafted chocolate tablets.

Deniz now splits his time between consulting, teaching and making chocolate/sourcing cocoa at Cuvée.

View the rest of the Cuvee range here.

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Bianco 35% White, Soleo 42% Milk, Blanc De Caramel 42%, Amphora 65% Dark, Grand Cru 75% Extra Dark, Noir 80% Extra Dark, Rum & Raisin


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