Ugly Duck Paste 65ml

Ugly Duck Paste 65ml


Ugly Duck Fruit Pastes.  Looking for something a little different to add to your cheese platter?  These flavours are sure to make you take a second look.  Yes there is the Quince paste (because we all know that one) but have you tried the Pear Pink Pepper, the Fig & Fennel or the Plum Chilli?

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Ugly Duck Pastes come in a variety of flavours to suit different tastes.

The Quince paste is a recognised flavour that is the perfect accompaniment for cheese but Ugly Duck also make some different flavours such as Fig & Fennel and Plum Chilli and Pear Pink Pepper.

These pastes are not just for cheese.  You can use them as a great pairing with meat too.

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Quince, Plum Chilli, Pear Pink Pepper, Fig Fennel




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