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Introducing our new products for June

Introducing our new products for June

To hit June off we thought we’d introduce you to a couple of fantastic new ranges we have just launched on our online Nicerteas Gourmet Food website! Both ranges offer up great taste along with powerful health benefits. We think you will love them!

If you haven’t heard of Nicerteas Gourmet Food before we are a Brisbane based gourmet food wholesaler who distribute to all major cities as well as regional and rural Australia. Our customers include; cafes and coffee shops, delis, independent  premium gourmet food stores, retail chains, hamper companies, offices, events, hotels and retreats.

Byron Bay Tea Company

First in the new range we would like to introduce to Byron Bay Tea Company!!

Founded by Naturopath and Herbalist, Sarita Merlo, Byron Bay Tea Company have been producing teas amongst the rolling hills of the Byron Hinterland since 2004.  Nurturing the natural healing magic that emanates from the surrounding lands, they have combined their love of teas with the best and freshest ingredients that can be found, whilst honouring the rich history of tea across cultures. The teas combine both the medicinal health benefits of plants with the flavours that mother nature provides.

Sarita has used her love of Natural Medicine and the healing power of Herbs to ensure that the Byron Bay Tea Company pride themselves on taking great care in selecting quality teas, herbs, fruits and spices. They believe that natural, certified organic, wild crafted and pesticide-free ingredients are better for you. This means also that there is no use of flavourings or additives in their range, just the real ingredients.

All Boxes

We will be stocking Byron Bay Tea Company’s beautiful infusers in a variety of flavours. As we’re sure you’ll agree Byron Bay Tea Company make a beautifully designed product which will sit nicely in any environment whilst representing one of Australia’s most iconic regions!

Shop Byron Bay Tea Company here.

Merry Little Elderberry

Merry Little Elderberry

We’re absolutely delighted to bring to you Merry Little Elderberry! This locally produced Organic Elderberry Syrup is set to be a favourite of ours due to it’s great taste and healing properties!

Merry Little Elderberry was founded by Celeste who had a desire to combine her love of elderberries with her need to keep her young family happy and healthy! After leaving city life behind Celeste decided to move to Inverell, NSW where she now cultivates wild elderberry on her plot of land.

The elder plant has been used for thousands of years for a variety of topical, medicinal and practical uses. But we’ve lost a lot of that ancient wisdom in place of synthetic substitutes, so Merry Little Elderberry is on a journey of rediscovery with the aim of bringing back some of those lost traditions.

These beautifully packaged DIY Organic Elderberry Syrup packs are easy to make at home. Once decocted correctly, you’ll end up with 500ml of elderberry syrup to use with the whole family. Filled with an abundance of beneficial herbs including: elderberries, echinacea, rosella, cinnamon, astragalus, ginger, star anise, bay leaf and clove. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can help in boosting your immune system, taming floatation and lessen stress.

Shop Merry Little Elderberry here.