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Gourmet food wholesaler & distributor to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Welcome to Nicerteas gourmet food wholesalers & distributers. We sincerely hope that you will delight in discovering our unique wholesale gourmet food offerings which have been sourced from the finest gourmet food producers in Australia and Internationally. Our products and the suppliers are individually selected by our buyers to ensure only those gourmet items that offer a unique quality and experience are selected and offered to our customers both through our online shop and wholesale portal.

We are proud to one of Australia’s leading gourmet food distributer and wholesalers representing suppliers from various areas across Australia including Byron Bay, Yarra Valley, Tasmania and the regional areas. Australia is blessed to have so many home grown food producers and it’s a privilege to be supporting their growth! Gourmet food is a passion of ours and we supply a wide range of independent retailers in Australia which includes, cafes, delis, premium gourmet food repairs and retail chains, gourmet Hamper suppliers, Petrol stations, events, hotels and retreats.

Activation process

What do we do?

Introduce specialist and exclusive items to the gourmet food retail market both directly and online that are unique yet still compliment the amazing lifestyle in Australia.


Our Mission

To give our customers the best possible service. To source regional and boutique gourmet food products from Australian growers and producers where we can.

Nicerteas Gourmet Foods

History Of Us

Founded by Nicky Sopp and Bev O’Brien, both of whom have a long history as professional buyers and have significant experience in high end retail in Australia, the UK and NZ.